December 12, 2012

UCLA Basketball Team Giveaway

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We were able to connect a couple organizations to a partner school here in Compton and the UCLA Women’s basketball team came and gave new Adidas shoes to all the kids in the school and spent quality time with the students! Check out the video


August 27, 2012

Our Identity in Christ Alone

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This is a prayer that I have prayed recently: Thank you father that my identity comes not from what I accomplish but from what Christ has done on the cross. I no longer need to be motivated by fear or approval in the eyes of men. I am free to be a child of God, regardless of the outcome of my work. This is actually a motivating factor to work hard unto the Lord and gives joy to my work. Please daily remind me of my identity.

May 29, 2012

Reflections as a Father

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Holding my son tonight, rocking him back and forth to help him go to sleep, gave me a great sense of peace. It helped put things in perspective for me. My personality is a perfectionist so I take pride in seeing things finished with great precision. But in rocking my son as he went to sleep, I realized that working for his well-being will mean that other things won’t get finished, or some details left out. For instance, there is still a lot of work to do on the house, to paint the bathroom, fix the wash machine, put lots of boxes away and other things that will come in time. For work, there is also a lot of preparation to do before college students come for the summer project. But rocking my son made me slow down to realize that some things won’t be finished like I would like them to, but there is a greater joy knowing that I get to love on my son.

In the same way, as we pursue God’s kingdom as our highest priority, that means other things will be left unfinished. As we spend time building relationships with our neighbors, it will push other things in our schedule back. As we take time to hear a person’s story, it might mean we will be late to the next meeting. As we ask how to pray for people, it might mean a risk of being rejected. As we pursue His Kingdom, God promises it will produce peace in our lives that the world cannot provide, even in the midst of leaving some things undone. 

April 25, 2012

Work Day Videos

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Here are some videos from the Work Day!

Video of house BEFORE Compton Work Day

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Here is an update on the house BEFORE the work day began!

Compton Work Day, April 21st

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This last Saturday, April 21st, volunteers from all over LA came to serve Compton as part of the Compton Initiative. We were VERY blessed to have about 30 people at our house that morning painting the outside and some of the inside! These volunteers came from many different places: City Church of Compton, Pacific Crossroads Church, Fire Department, Long Beach Rescue Mission, and others. We had a great time of meeting new people, serving together, and talking about our baby soon to be born 🙂

Here are some pictures of the hard work the volunteers did and the finish painted house! THANK YOU!!







March 29, 2012

House Coming Soon!

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Here are some videos David took of the house! We are super excited and thankful that the Lord provided this house for us to live in! It is down the street where we are in Compton, so we will still be able to walk to church and be in community here. We look forward to growing our family in it and using it to serve others. We are expecting to get the keys on April 3rd! We have signed all the final papers, so it is in the FINAL stages!

March 21, 2012

Here’s Life Inner City, Los Angeles website

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I just wanted to update you on our website! We have an up and running Here’s Life Inner City, Los Angeles site that has stories, pictures, and calendar events coming up. There are some videos posted from the Box of Love training that you can check out and also pictures. We just had a training for Teen Workers called Life On Life Teen Mentoring a few weekends ago, there are pictures from that on the site as well.

January 12, 2012

Beautiful Ride at the Park

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Today at the park, I saw a beautiful thing– a father removed the training wheels for the first time from his son’s bike and he practiced riding on the grass. The dad was with him the whole time and at even one point they were riding side by side, Dad and son. This melted my heart as, we will be having a son, and that is what God does for us. He is with us every step and every trial. The boy fell a few times on his bike, but the Dad came and picked up the bike, gave some encouragement, and the son was back up and riding. I think my favorite part was watching the Dad on his big bike ride right next to the son on his small bike, with the son looking up at his dad the whole time and smiling. What an example we have to look to as well, Jesus! I couldn’t help but think of Isaiah 41:13, God is right there with us, holding our hand as we walk through the joys and trials of life.


January 11, 2012

On Works Righteousness

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“We live in a world where the culture supports a ‘works righteousness.” “Even by praying a prayer you are saved. No. God gives you a divine righteousness. It’s the end of your struggle of validation…”
“We have fame with God, we have a name with God, we get the glory of God, deep down in all of our hearts and souls we trying from our ministries to get approval, validation, worthiness. We’re trying to get it from our relationships from our children, we’re trying to get it from men or women, we’re trying to get it from all over the place and as a result, the pennies are dropping. And we’re not seeing what justification means. What it means is that the only person in the universe, whose opinion counts, delights in you! Absolutely delights in you! And that’s the reason why Lewis says it this way…”
“It is written that we will stand before God, the promise of glory is the promise almost incredible and only possible by the work of Christ that some of us, that any of us, who really chooses will some day stand before him and know that we please God. It seems impossible. A weight of or burden of glory of which our thoughts can hardly sustain but so it is. For to receive the righteousness of Christ means ‘good report with God’, ‘acceptance by God’, response, acknowledgement and welcome into the heart of things. The door on which we’ve been knocking all our lives will open at last.”
– C. S. Lewis essay “The weight of Glory” as told by Tim Keller at CSU 2009

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